A time lapse: how to make it?

The time lapse, also known as time-lapse, is a video animation made by a given number of photos taken at different times in a well-defined time interval. It can be made from photos or from a video. Many people start making time-lapses without proper training and then face failure and discouragement. Indeed, to succeed in time lapse, there is necessary information to know and preliminaries to do before being able to overcome the failures. This article will give you some notions for the success of your next time lapse.

Good practices for a successful time lapse 

For a successful time lapse, there are some good practices that can never be forgotten, you need to have them as a resource in order to succeed. Indeed, you need a tripod in order to obtain sharp images. When the images are not sharp your time lapse can only be a failure. Then you need to make sure that the camera you want to use for the pictures has enough storage capacity so that you don’t get left behind. It is also important to ensure that there is no interference between the camera and the subject to be photographed. It is also important to test your camera before you start work.

Mistakes you should not make for a successful time lapse 

If we know the good practices for the success of something, it is inevitable to also know the mistakes that can hinder its success. For example, in order to make a time lapse a success, it is necessary to avoid moving the camera during the shooting. This means that you should make sure that your camera is stable. You should never make the mistake of choosing the wrong interval for the shot. The interval is chosen according to your subject. A pedestrian and a vehicle do not have the same interval. Secondly, you should never hold the camera in your hand. 

Finally, note that time lapse has many advantages. For example, it allows you to capture memories and convert them, it allows you to animate memories and to follow the evolution of work on a construction site.