Discover the handpan in all its diversity

The handpan is a very complete and well-known musical instrument. It was made to help people who are new to the world of music. It is easy to handle and you can control it with your gestures alone. It is also essential to know everything about this instrument before getting one.

How to use a handpan

It is an instrument with a percussion that will relax you after a hard or long day. It has nine notes, all tuned in D minor which is the most popular tuning today. For more melody, you can choose the 432 Hz frequency. Unless it is of poor quality, the handpan has a very long life. You should therefore consider buying one from professional and expert manufacturers. Then your instrument will be of high quality and you will have unforgettable music experiences.

How to choose your handpan

It is advisable to do several research on the networks before choosing the handpan that will suit you best. You can start by visiting sites that offer songs played on the handpan or watch videos on YouTube. Then you just need to focus on some major elements such as: tuning, dynamics of the handpan, sustain, balance between its notes and timbre. After that, you need to identify the notes you like the most and their makers. Pay attention to the scales or sounds and choose the one you like. In the end, sort out and opt for the craftsman maker who could give you the scale you want.

The cost of a handpan

The handpan does not cost too much and is within reach for anyone who wants one. Its price generally varies between €1200 and €2500. However, be careful not to rely on the price before making your choice. The instrument can be expensive and will be of poor quality. You should therefore take the time to check whether the handpan is to your taste and meets your requirements before making a choice.