Find the best hotels in rangiroa for a unique stay

You want to go to Rangiroa for your next vacation and you would like to have the list of the best hotels where you can spend a wonderful stay. Don’t panic for that, find in this article some luxury hotels that can make your vacation more enjoyable.

Aotera Guest house

This hotel located 20 km from Rangiroa airport, Aotera is the perfect place to relax with your family after a long period of work. For more information, contact this address. Indeed, the proximity of the airport is an opportunity not to get bored. You can take a tour to visit this beautiful place during the day before retiring to the comfort of your hotel. Rangiroa hotels are highly regarded for their excellent facilities.

The Maitai Rangiroa

This luxury hotel is even closer to the airport, it is only 0.93 km away. Indeed, you will find air-conditioned rooms equipped with a minibar and a relaxation area for your leisure time. If you are a news lover, you can follow the news on satellite TV. To secure your belongings, safes and desks are available upon request. Spending a vacation in Rangiroa is like visiting paradise, all the things you need for entertainment are at your disposal.  Everything you need for entertainment is at your disposal. It’s up to you to make a choice  

Hotel Kia Ora Resort

We are not going to talk about the best places where you can stay during your stay in Rangioa without saying a word about the famous hotel kia Ora Resort that makes most of its visitors dream. In the bathrooms you will find hair dryers. Bike rental and sports equipment are available for sports lovers. You will enjoy a moment of conviviality with your family in a natural and beautiful garden. For your stay in Rangiroa, here are some hotels that will make you forget your home town. It’s up to you now.