Gift for otaku : what gift to give to a manga fan?

Giving a gift to someone you love is a priceless proof of affection. What to do if the person you want to give a gift to is a fan of manga and anime series? Here are some interesting ideas.

Personalized clothing and accessories

Personalized clothing and other accessories are commonplace these days. They allow you to add a touch of originality to frequently given gifts. For an otaku, personalized shoes, mugs or t-shirts in the colors of his favorite manga are quite appreciated.
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Figurines of his favorite mangas

Figurines are very popular items among otakus, especially if they are important characters or have marked them in a special way. You can help your otaku friend to start a collection of figurines as well as to finish his. He or she is bound to be grateful.

Posters or manga

Here is another simple and effective idea that will delight your otaku friend. A poster is simple and classy. Hanging it in his room brings a touch of originality. You have several choices between a picture poster and a canvas. The canvas will be preferable to the picture poster and will last longer although costing a little more.
And failing that you can always offer him the whole collection of his favorite manga. For an otaku, there is nothing better than reading or rereading the manga that marked his childhood or that accompanied him during the hardest moments of adolescence. DVD blu-rays are very trendy these last years. However, you can offer your friend a remastered version of some cult mangas.