How can I get a job as a tank welder?

Being a tank welder requires extensive training before any application. To gain access, you must have successfully completed a CAP in foundry or metal mould making or a CAP in metal shaping. A good experience and an excellent mastery of practices in welding are essential.

Getting a good training

Welding consists of assembling and welding different metal elements. The training of the tank welder does not differ too much from that of a simple welder. However, it does require some specificities. Further content is available at Levels such as CAP and BAC are required to follow the vocational training. The different CAPs available for this trade are
CAP for foundry trades
CAP in industrial boiler making
CAP in metal mould tooling and
the CAP in metalworking.
The various BACs available for the welding trade are: the Bac pro industrial boilermaking technician, the Bac pro modelling technician, the Bac pro toolmaker technician.

Honing your skills in a metal industry

Many schools of higher education are connected with the industrial world. So it is a great way to go through these schools to get a practical work placement in a specialist industrial welding workshop. Some workshops design and repair tanks. They have enough equipment to cast, weld, bead-blast and repair defective parts. It is an ideal place to apply all the knowledge received during the years of training at school. Also, having a good command of welding on tanks is necessary to get a job in this field later on. So it is very important to take this training course very seriously.
Like most crafts, to work in the welding field, it is important to undergo comprehensive training. The training must be thorough. It is therefore the first step to finding a job as a tank welder.