How does a chatbot work?

In the current era, technology has evolved so much to the point where its wonders are too commendable. With its rise, technology allows every business to have a chatbot. This term may sound strange to some people. Now is the right time for you to get an idea about it. Discover in this guide, the role and the way a chatbot works.

The role and importance of a chatbot

A chatbot is a computer program designed to perform a specific task in a business. This program is a kind of customer service. It is there to address the various concerns of your customers on your website. For more information, view publisher site. A chatbot answers and converses instantly with your customers. This is a machine that plays the role of customer service for your company. You no longer need a physical agent for the customer service room. The chatbot replaces this service. It must be said that these chatbots have been around since 1960 and exist today in different forms. Today, they have evolved a lot and perform different tasks within companies. On phones at home, at the office, on platforms, you will find these chatbots.

How a chatbot works

Generally speaking, the chatbot is in charge of analysing users’ concerns and providing them with a concrete response. All this is done in an instantaneous way. The characteristics and modes of operation depend on the type of chatbot used. You have three types of chatbot. These are decision tree based chatbots, keyword identification based chatbots and contextual chatbots. These three types of chatbots work differently, but have the same objective. With decision-tree based chatbots, it is purely pre-programming. This type of chatbot does not chat enough. Since it is pre-programmed, it will only serve you answers that were already written in from the start. The questions to ask are also programmed. Concerning chatbots based on keyword recognition, this is the type of chatbot that relies on keywords to answer you. Here, the questions and answers are not systematic and linear. Don’t be complex in your questions with this form of chatbot. Finally, contextual chatbots are the most complex form of chatbot. With this type of chatbot, artificial intelligence is predominant. You will think you are in front of a human being.