How to install WordPress on a Windows server

WordPress is a content software that allows web lovers to write and publish on the Internet as they wish. It can be installed on a server or locally. If you want to install it locally, it is important that you use Windows to install it. But this practice is a bit complicated for some. Find in this article some tips.

The Importance of Installing WordPress on Your Windows

If you install WordPress on your Windows, your computer’s hard drive collects the site and all its information. This gives you a historical database that you can consult at any time. In this way, the system creates an offline site that can be transferred to a server at any time. This option allows you to have a copy of the site on your hard drive. Even if the computer fails, you can remove the hard drive and connect it to another computer to retrieve the information you need from the hard drive. You can find this post on our website. To get your WordPress installed and configured, there are some very efficient computer tools available. For example, DevKinsta is a very powerful free configuration tool. It allows you to perfectly manage one or more sites together.

Installing WordPress on your computer

This is the practical phase of your work. To get a state-of-the-art tool, you need to download the latest version of WordPress. You must necessarily make sure that you download from the official WordPress website. Then, you must choose the original format of WordPress in order to benefit from the full functionality of the application. Don’t forget to put it in the ”htdocs” folder. Once you have downloaded the application, you must install it by following the instructions. Make sure you do not leave out any instructions.