How to measure finger size to buy a ring?


Like some limbs of the body, fingers have their own measurement. Thus, they cannot be honored with a ring without taking this into account. This factor is the guarantee of comfort and elegance. Here, you will discover the best techniques and tips for measuring finger size. 

Taking measurements at a jeweler

Buying a beautiful dragon ring like the one offered on the site, must be free of disappointment. To avoid any blunders, visit a jeweler. Usually, the jeweler will rely on your finger and ring gauges and help you know the measurement of the finger within seconds. On the other hand, if it is a gift, the professional will be satisfied with the tributaries and a recent ring of the person.

Taking the finger measurement at home 

When you decide to measure your finger size at home, you need to make sure you do it right. The success of the operation will depend on the tools and the mastery of their use. Mainly, you can opt for an in-line ring maker or play the jeweler’s apprentice with triboulets. The first choice is quite technical and certainly the most effective. Make sure to print it in an appropriate format. All that is left to do is to place one of the person’s recent rings on the rings of the ring maker. As soon as a match is identified, then you can assume you have your measure. If it happens that the choice falls between two sizes, opt for a medium or large size. This guarantees the assurance of comfort to the fingers.

Tricks to avoid getting the finger measurement wrong

Fingers are rather unique body parts. Their circumference can vary throughout the course of a day, which is why accuracy is required. For this reason, the measurement of finger diameter is done at the end of the day. The heat accumulated during the day guarantees a well dilated finger, and the measurement is all the more precise. For a reassuring result, measure the size of the finger at least 3 times before buying. A fatal mistake is to take the measurement with a tape measure, a paper or a string. These tools have the defect of deforming, thus leading to a biased measurement.