Learning more about the Leonardo Express in Italy

Did you just get off your plan after landing in Italy? Are you looking for a means to quickly get to Rome in order to enjoy your visit ? Well search no more, for the Leonardo express is here to help you out. With this quick and efficient means of transportation available, no need to crack your head to find a suitable means of transportation. Here’s what you need to know about the Leonardo Express

What is the Leonardo Express and how does it work?

Being the fastest way to go to central Rome from the Fiumicino Airport (also known as the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport), the Leonardo express is used by thousands of locals and visitors. Click here to find out more details about Leonardo Express in Rome. The first class in this train is 14 euros. It is indeed twice as expensive as the ticket of a second class in a regular train, but the advantage is, there is no stop between the airport and center Rome. 

In case you have a limited budget, you can consider other trains, but keep in mind that there might be stops along the way, and you might have to jockey for a seat during rush hours. If it is your first time visiting this country, it is advised to pick the Leonardo Express instead to quickly and efficiently reach your destination.

How to board the Leonardo Express ?

The process to board the train is quite easy. You will have to buy your ticket and for that you need cash of course. If you have euros on yourself that is perfect, but in case you don’t, you can withdraw some cash in the terminal. You will then head to the airport railroad station. 

You can find your way by looking out for the train signs or ask someone. You can then proceed to buying your ticket from the ticket machine or even at a newsstand in the stations vicinity. It is also possible to buy your ticket online which you can download in a pdf form on your smartphone.