The Birkin bag.

Are you ready to spend 500 000 dollars to buy a bag? Well, the most expensive bag in existence today costs $500,000 and its owner is willing to part with it for the measly sum of $2 million. A bag with a story that should interest you how an everyday object can cost so much let us tell you the story of the Birkin bag.

Where does the name Birkin come from?

A bag so expensive that you may have to make a loan to the bank in order to afford it if you want to know how much your bank can lend you for the acquisition of your bag take a look at this website This bag has been named after the British actress and singer Jane Birkin. She was complaining about her inability to find a bag that fits her during a flight from Paris to London to her seatmate who happened to be the executive chief of the French fashion house Hermes named jean Louis-Dumas. The rest of the flight had been used by the two new acquaintances to design a bag that should be both functional and beautiful. One year later the Birkin bag was born.

But why is it so expensive?

As you can imagine, the bag did not become so popular when it was first created. Today, the Birkin bag has become a true symbol of success. It is a bag made entirely by hand using materials such as calfskin, ostrich skin and, for the fancier, alligator skin. Speaking of alligators, the most expensive Birkin bag in existence today is the white Himalaya Birkin bag which was sold for $500,000 made from the skin of an albino alligator and 18-karat diamonds. If you are interested, the owner is willing to part with it for $2 million. The Hermes brand has managed to make the acquisition very complicated to increase the value of their baby Birkin.