The diplodocus: a giant herbivore on land

The world has known several species of dinosaurs among which we can mention the diplodocus. This herbivorous giant has a wonderful history that you surely want to discover. In this article you will find the wonderful history of one of the biggest herbivores on the planet.

What is a diplodocus?

To begin this development, it is important to zoom in on what a diplodocus is. For more information, consult this site. Indeed, the diplodocus is one of the most popular dinosaurs of its time. It belongs to the sauropod family. This species of giant herbivore lived between 147 and 150 million years ago. This dinosaur is characterized by its long neck and long tail.

What is the history of diplodocus?

Perhaps you are wondering what is the peculiarity of this dinosaur species. It is special in that it is one of the largest animals that the world has ever known. It has a long neck and a long tail that can be compared to a whip. In fact, the history of this animal is very interesting. The diplodocus was first discovered in 1877 by Benjamin Mudge and Samuel Wendell Williston. During this period, researchers and the public were fascinated by dinosaurs

What is the purpose of its long neck and tail?

Diplodocus is distinguished by its tail and long neck, both of which are very useful features for it. According to researchers, since it was a herbivore, the diplodocus used its long neck to eat tree leaves. Its long tail is a weapon to defend itself against the enemy and its rivals. It can use its tail to whip the enemy forward or backward like lizards do. It should also be noted that the diplodocus uses its tail to make noises like the cracking of a whip. This may allow it to ward off predators. Or to communicate between them.