What are the KPI’s for inbound call centers ?

Today, it is important for companies to have a good call center, an efficient call center. Great companies are those that have a customer service that satisfies a large number of customers in a short period of time. Some entrepreneurs do not know which KPIs to follow for their inbound call center. We propose you to discover some of them in this article.

First contact resolution 

One of the KPIs to track for inbound call centers is the first contact resolution. It is one of the most effective kpis for call centers. The role of this KPI is to determine the support requests that are already resolved during the first contact. What makes this KPI special is that it determines this number even before the customer contacts the company’s brand. The advantage of this KPI is that its modus operandi exempts the customer and the company from any follow-up. 

This is one of the reasons why many consider it the best indicator. Furthermore, it is important to know that the higher the resolution rate, the more efficient the agents are. The most important thing is that this efficiency is demonstrated by meaningful responses given to customers in record time.

IVR abandonment rate

The First Contact Resolution KPI is not the only critical KPI to track. There are many other KPIs that are not lacking in effectiveness. Among the essential KPIs that a company can track is the IVR abandonment rate. 

This is an indicator that is a bit exceptional. It occurs before any relationship between the customer and a center agent. It refers to the moment the customer hangs up the call. Thus, if there are calls that are left, the IVR menu can easily detect them. Sometimes this menu can be difficult to use. This means that the IVR abandonment rate is too high.