What are the most important things to know about the Kbis extract ?

In any commercial entity, the Kbis extract is of paramount importance for the company director. It is a document that can be obtained from the court and serves as proof of the legal existence of a company. This extract is a reliable proof that helps the entrepreneur to demonstrate that his company is registered in the commercial register. Due to the high volume of requests, it is now possible to order a Kbis extract online. What do you need to know about this very useful document? Find out some important information in this review.

The Kbis extract: what is it really about?

This document is a very important tool that every entrepreneur must have in his company. The purpose of the Kbis extract or extrait kbis in French is to help the company director to demonstrate the legal existence of his commercial activities. This certificate contains several pieces of information that give it its value.

For this reason, the extract is very often ordered by entities during several administrative processes. These processes mainly include the title of the company and essentially the creation of a business bank account. Apart from that, an application for assistance in setting up institutions is launched with a process of constitution of the articles of association.

Why should I apply for a Kbis certificate?

The best reason to order a Kbis certificate is that it provides legal proof of your company’s title. A company registered in the commercial register has a very high reputation in the eyes of customers these days. With the Kbis, you can therefore easily carry out certain administrative processes. It is a document that you can use when you want to open a business bank account.

The information on the Kbis extract

The Kbis is the certificate that contains the important data of your company. It is in a way an identity card for your commercial institution. On the certificate, you will find the information of the competent registry as well as the legal nature of the organisation (SAS, EURL, SARL, etc).

The company name, title, slogan and even the information on the official website of the company are given. You will also find the addresses of the registered office, the Siren number, the APE code, the dates of creation and the period of existence fixed by the company’s texts. It should also be noted that the activities carried out by the company are indicated on the extract in order to make it more reliable.