More than 30,000 MacBook infected with a strange virus

In an unexpected event, at least 30,000 Mac systems have been affected by a new malware. This malware has been difficult to trace, but Mac has removed a code linked to it. 

30,000 Mac systems suffer from malware infection 

A new study has revealed that more than 30,000 Macs have been infected with a strange Trojan which has caused problems for the manufacturer. Red Canary tech expert said it isn’t clear the objective of the malware. Code name ‘Silver Sparrows, the malware has been accused of causing dangerous payloads which affect the devices. 

This is a different malware different from what has been affecting Mac computers overtime. According to Tony Lambert tech analyst with Red Canary,” Silver Sparrow can self-destruct and affect IOS software operations. It isn’t clear where it comes from. ”. There are uncertainties about how it got into the software. Mac systems are considered safe and free from most Viruses. 

An M1 chipset suspected to be the cause 

But speculations that it may have been through search results online or on porn-related software. The Malware has a code similar to an M1 chip which was introduced last year. While some are raising eyebrows about if the origin is from the M1 chipset, others disagree saying it goes farther than that. 

Technology expert Tony Lambert says that with the introduction of new technologies, these incidences are expected to happen. The malware has been reported to Apple due to the high rate of infections and is waiting for a positive response soon. The systems affected were from 150 different nations as of February 25. 

However, the top countries with this virus are the US, UK, Germany, France, and Canada. Apple has rescinded the software certificates of the malware to stop further infections. They have also promised to look into the M1 chipset to ascertain if it was responsible for the attack.