Turkey calls his Iranian diplomat over comments on Iraq

An official of Turkey in Iran has been recalled over a political statement. Though the official has denied any wrongdoing, he has been told to come to Ankara and explain.

Turkish diplomat recalled over Iran statement 

The Turkey government has recalled its diplomat to Iran on Sunday after he made a remark which alleged that Turkey had violated Iraq’s sovereignty. Ambassador Mohammad Farazmand was told to come back and explain what he meant by Turkey’s violation of the border army operations against Kurdish Workers. 

The Turkish military has said that 12 civilians were killed as an anti-PKK military operation ends. Ankara said it shot more than 600 PKK targets in the northern region of Iraq. The Iranian ambassador Iraj Masjedi has slammed Ankara military onslaught saying it is unlawful. 

However, Turkey’s military said the claim by Iran’s envoy is false and that the country’s army was fighting against PKK terrorists which were destabilizing Iraq. Farazmand said Turkey should back Iran and not be against them. The Turkish envoy has said comments attributed to him were false.

The statement was reckless and untrue – Turkey minister 

Turkish minister of interior Suleyman Soylu has said the comments were unfair and uncalled-for. Turkey has been in the northern region of Iraq fighting with insurgents that tend to destabilize the country. However, the Iranian-backed PKK has said that Turkey’s presence in Iraq and support of the regime are not needed. Officials of the Islamic State of Iran have accused Turkey of supporting terrorist acts in the region. 

This was however rejected by Ankara which said that they are protecting the state from being run over by terrorists and insurgents. It seems however that their envoy Farazmand alleged that Turkey needs to be on the side of Iran instead of opposing it. The government has called for more clarification over the statement, and he risks suspension or possible expulsion.