Johnson & Johnson single-shot vaccine finally gets FDA approval

After undertaking a final trial last week, the US FDA has finally approved the vaccine for emergency use. This vaccine is a single-shot and a cheaper alternative to other vaccines. 

FDA finally approves Johnson & Johnson for emergency use 

The US medical regulators have finally approved the Johnson coronavirus vaccine for emergency use. It will be the third vaccine to be approved by the nation’s health regulator. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be a good affordable substitute to the Modern and Pfizer-BioNTech jabs. 

The FDA has initially said the vaccine was safe to be used before officially approving it. The firm has said it will provide the United States with more than 110 million vaccines before July. The vaccine will be available to the American public by this week.

Western nations like Britain and Canada have also asked to be supplied about 400 million doses via the COVAX scheme. The European Union has also asked for over 150 million dollars to support developing nations. As early as March, the European health agency could approach the medicine for its bloc.

This is a piece of great news to us – President Biden 

A quick rollout will likely follow after the supply has been made. US President, Mr. Joe Biden has said the news was welcomed as American citizens will have another avenue to beat the virus. However, he said the battle isn’t won yet.

” Today’s news is a great one, but Americans should be steadfast and keep to protocols. 

Things may get worse due to new strains rearing their heads, but with constant research, we will beat this ”.

Mr. Fauci, President Biden’s health advisor has pleaded to people to take the Johnson jab. Dr. Fauci also said that all jabs approved are very effective and people should take anyone available. However, Dr. Fauci doesn’t need the Johnson jab as he had already gotten his Moderna second shot last week.

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