What e-liquid to stop smoking?

The consumption of tobacco is a habit that dangerously affects health. This reality is no longer to be proven and for this reason, the alternative of the electronic cigarette is suggested to people suffering from tobacco addiction. As part of this weaning, a certain model of e-liquid is proposed, to easily succeed in its transition. Read the rest of this article, to find out what is this variety that would better help you to abandon this harmful trend.

What is the ideal dose of nicotine

For a successful withdrawal, it is important to take into account the amount of nicotine that is in the e-liquid that you choose for your electronic cigarette. Indeed, nicotine plays an essential role, especially when the subject has just stopped smoking, as said here: https://www.stuff-and-facts.com/. Also to choose his e-liquid in the context of a withdrawal, you must take into account his level of smoking. In other words, you must look for an e-liquid that has a nicotine content equal to the frequency of your tobacco consumption. Thus, for a smoker who has the habit of consuming 30 cigarettes per day the recommended dose of nicotine is 18mg / ml. For a smoker of 15 cigarettes per day, the amount is 8mg/ml.

What is the ideal flavor for a successful withdrawal

In the context of smoking cessation, you need to consider the type of flavor that is contained in your e-liquid. There are several and to help you, proposals are made, in this matter. Then, you can choose e-liquids flavors-tobacco, mint, fruity, to name a few.

Indeed, the objective is to give you a sensation close enough to the cigarette to avoid the nostalgia that we feel, after stopping consumption. In some cases, it is advisable to take the e-liquid with a tobacco taste, since it is closer to the cigarette.

Clearly, you can remember that to choose an ideal e-liquid to stop smoking, you must be interested in the components of the e-liquid.

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